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Investment banking

Based on your company’s financial plans we offer advisory and underwriting services in every step of the business growth with our professional analyst, and research teams aiming for a long term partnership.

  • We aim to meet clients’ specific demands and requirements with tailored investment banking solutions using its full-range market insight in connecting Mongolia with international financial markets. TDB Capital also aims to finance strategically important projects in Mongolia by raising funds and pre IPO financing.

    Equity financing

    • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    • Private placement
    • Follow-on public offering (FPO)

    Debt financing

    • Debt financing
    • Government securities
    • Corporate bond
    • Convertible bond
    • Subordinate debt
    • Syndicate loan, credit line
    • Other debt financing
  • We offer advisory, and customized solutions to strategic policy execution, and company restructuring activities.

    Restructuring activities

    • Merger
    • Acquisition
    • Split-off
    • Spin-off
    • Restructuring
    • Joint venture
    • Reverse takeover
  • We offer corporate finance advisory services for maximizing value, determining short, mid, and long term financial strategy planning, investment planning, capital budgeting and execution of these plans.

    Corporate finance

    • Financial strategy
    • Capital budgeting
    • Business plan, valuation
    • Project consultancy


    • Joint stock company (JSC) transparency, reporting, good governance
    • JSC requirements, and implementation
    • JSC shareholder meeting arrangements

Public offering statistics 

Public offering statistics

Past public offerings related to Mongolia in local and international capital markets


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